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An alchemy of perfume and colours in a Mediterranean sonority

The harmonic symbiosis between  well-established memories and inevitable present experiences, is the formula from which the expressiveness of the Isola originates, and the concert is only the natural synthesis of this journey…

Ethnic music of  strong expressive value and theatrical flavour, it communicates  the rhythms most connected to the earth and the most rarified atmosphere of dreams.  It is a poetry of instruments, of sonority exquisitely acoustic and of electronics which are alternated and wed  with  entertainment and elegance in a distinctly charming fashion.

During the concerts, stories and legends intertwine to inspire dance or sober listening  with a communicative energy that leaves a key to understanding this language even to those who may not speak it.  The Italian language and the Sicilian dialect become a single voice: sometimes purely melodic sometimes recitative, sometimes determined to the point of  prolonged emotional extension.

In the spirit of an art that is all-embracing which finds its expression in music, the Isola have their dimension, not only for what concerns the inspiration for and the lyrics of the songs, but also, and in particolar way, for their manner of expression and their field of experimentation which borders on ethnic Mediterranean sounds as well as world music, music and theatrical expression, poetic intensity, dream and reality.


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